The 112th Global Voyage

August 20 – December 5, 2022
(Yokohama, Japan-Yokohama, Japan/108days)

From the Aurora to the Adriatic, wander through the best of Europe and chase the skies

Weave your way through the World Heritage sites of Europe, from the ruins of Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, to the port towns of the Adriatic with their Middle Ages mystique. A highlight of this voyage will be the chance to see the Aurora, with the ship changing course to chase the dancing northern lights across the starry sky. And then to Peru and Easter Island, where the mysteries and wonders of ancient civilizations await.

Cruise Highlights

Dubrovnik - The Pearl of the Adriatic
Visit Dubrovnik in Croatia, surrounded by castle walls and the azure sea, as well as beautiful Kotor in Montenegro, with the fjords just in sight from the port. With their aura of medieval times, you can enjoy a stroll through the Old Town, registered as a World Heritage site in both cities.
Machu Picchu - The mysterious city in the sky
Witness the highs and lows of fate in Peru, where historical ruins tell the story of the golden Incan Empire, from Machu Picchu to the treasures of Cusco.
Easter Island - The lonely island
Still wrapped in unsolved mysteries is Easter Island, where the looming Moai have stood throughout the ages.

23 Amazing Destinations

Yokohama, JapanAugust 20, 2022
Kobe, JapanAugust 21
Keelung, TaiwanAugust 24
Xiamen, ChinaAugust 25
SingaporeAugust 30
Colombo, Sri LankaSeptember 04
Passing through the Suez Canal
Port Said, EgyptSeptember 15-16
Santorini, GreeceSeptember 18
Piraeus, GreeceSeptember 19
Durres, AlbaniaSeptember 21
Dubrovnik, CroatiaSeptember 22
Kotor, MontenegroSeptember 23
Naples, ItalySeptember 25
Lisbon, PortugalSeptember 29
A Coruña, SpainOctober 01
Chance to see the Northern Lights
(October 04-08)
Reykjavik, IcelandOctober 08
New York, USAOctober 15
Cartagena, ColombiaOctober 21
Cristobal, PanamaOctober 22-23
Passing through the Panama Canal
Callao, PeruOctober 27-30
Easter Island, ChileNovember 06
Papeete, TahitiNovember 15
Bora Bora, TahitiNovember 16
Kahului, Hawaii, USANovember 23
Honolulu, Hawaii, USANovember 24
Yokohama, JapanDecember 05
Kobe, JapanDecember 06